Ergodox Key Layout

As I was practicing typing on my new Ergodox, it dawned on me that the physical layout of the keyboard was unfamiliar enough, and the learning curve steep enough, that I might as well take this opportunity to try out a different keyboard layout. After some soul searching, I settled on the Workman Layout, mostly… Read More »

Ergodox keyboard is finally here!

After a long wait, I finally got my <a href=””>Ergodox</a> delivered. It took a couple of month, but the guys at <a href=””>Massdrop</a> did a great job procuring and shipping the kit. The build itself wasn’t too difficult. By far the most painful part was the soldering of the surface mounted diodes. The diodes are… Read More »

Boost.Python & Xcode

I’ve been playing around with boost.python lately, trying to integrate it into my projects in Xcode5. Integration itself wasn’t too difficult. It really just came down to: Install python (I used Homebrew to do this, though the standard OS X python installation should work just fine.) Install boost (again, Homebrew), being careful to compile against libc++ using… Read More »

Setting up boost in Xcode

Here’s how I have set up boost in Xcode 5: Build and install boost Set the search paths in Xcode Add the .dylib file to the project Make sure the project is linking with the .dylib file Create a copy phase to copy the .dylib to the appropriate place   1. Build and Install Boost… Read More »