Ergodox Key Layout

By | February 12, 2014

As I was practicing typing on my new Ergodox, it dawned on me that the physical layout of the keyboard was unfamiliar enough, and the learning curve steep enough, that I might as well take this opportunity to try out a different keyboard layout. After some soul searching, I settled on the Workman Layout, mostly because I agree with the creator’s reasoning and it’s something novel.

I’m slowly tweaking the Ergodox layout as I learn and use the new layout. The layout that I’ve settled on so far is available here. The layout editor at Massdrop is quite handy. I haven’t really finalized the location of the arrow keys yet… that’ll require some more thinking and tweaking before I get that right. As of now, I have them laid out on the bottom of the left side and also as an inverted T on the second layer. We’ll see.

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