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Ergodox Key Layout

As I was practicing typing on my new Ergodox, it dawned on me that the physical layout of the keyboard was unfamiliar enough, and the learning curve steep enough, that I might as well take this opportunity to try out a different keyboard layout. After some soul searching, I settled on the Workman Layout, mostly because I agree with the creator’s reasoning and it’s something novel.

I’m slowly tweaking the Ergodox layout as I learn and use the new layout. The layout that I’ve settled on so far is available here. The layout editor at Massdrop is quite handy. I haven’t really finalized the location of the arrow keys yet… that’ll require some more thinking and tweaking before I get that right. As of now, I have them laid out on the bottom of the left side and also as an inverted T on the second layer. We’ll see.

Ergodox keyboard is finally here!

After a long wait, I finally got my <a href=””>Ergodox</a> delivered. It took a couple of month, but the guys at <a href=””>Massdrop</a> did a great job procuring and shipping the kit.

The build itself wasn’t too difficult. By far the most painful part was the soldering of the surface mounted diodes. The diodes are quite tiny, must be aligned properly (they are diodes after all), and there are a bunch of them to solder. This was the first time soldering for me, and it took me a good 3 hours or so to finish this part. I highly recommend checking each diode connection with a multimeter to make sure that each one is connected correctly… it’ll likely save a lot of time later.

The rest of the build went pretty smoothly, except for this one time when I had to go back and re-solder the Teensy board because a bad soldering job resulted in one column of keys not working. After a few more hours of work, here’s what I had:

A working Ergodox!

Now, I’m in the process of learning to type on this keyboard… and it’s taking some time. More on that later.